Stump Grinding and Removal

At Woodchuck Tree Service, our team of professionals is equipped with three specialized stump grinding machines to ensure efficient and damage-free removal of stumps from your property.

Stumps are ground down to a depth of 4-6 inches below the soil surface, facilitating proper regrowth if new soil, grass, or sod is to be laid. For customers intending to plant new trees in the stump's place, grinding to a depth of at least 24 inches is necessary to promote healthy growth.

Why Grind Your Stumps?

Many of our customers opt for stump grinding to enhance the aesthetics of their lawn or to facilitate new landscaping projects. Reasons for stump grinding include:

Improving lawn aesthetics by removing unsightly stumps.

Eliminating obstacles for mowing and maintenance.

Preventing stump decay and minimizing the risk of pests nesting.

Enabling the planting of new grass or trees in the cleared area.

Upon request, Woodchuck Tree Service can haul away wood chips, fill the stump hole with fresh soil, and plant grass seed to restore your lawn's appearance.

Our Fleet Includes:

Portable Stump Grinder: Ideal for smaller stumps, this compact machine can navigate through a 36-inch gate with ease.

Track Stump Grinder: Designed for larger stumps, this robust machine offers efficient removal, even for those in hard-to-reach areas.

Tow-Behind Stump Grinder: Our most frequently used grinder, suitable for average-sized stumps in common locations.

Stump Grinding & Removal FAQs

What is the difference between stump grinding and stump removal?

Stump grinding involves grinding the stump and roots into wood chips, while stump removal entails extracting the entire stump and root system from the ground.

How deep do you grind the stump during stump removal?

Our stump grinding machines typically grind stumps to a depth of 4-6 inches below the soil surface, ensuring thorough removal and facilitating future landscaping.

Will stump removal damage my property?

Our experienced professionals employ precision techniques and equipment to minimize impact on surrounding landscape and structures during stump removal.

How long does it take for the area to heal after stump removal?

The healing process varies depending on factors such as soil conditions and climate. Our team can advise on post-removal care and restoration options.

Can you replant a tree in the same spot after stump removal?

Yes, once the stump and roots are removed, the area is suitable for replanting. We can provide guidance on selecting and planting new trees.