Firewood For Sale

Are you craving the cozy warmth of a crackling fire on a chilly day? Whether you're envisioning a snug evening by the fireplace, relying on a wood stove for heating, or planning a delightful campfire gathering, Woodchuck Tree Service has the perfect firewood for your needs.

Firewood Selection

We offer premium mixed hardwoods, predominantly ash and oak, meticulously seasoned for approximately one year or longer. Hardwoods are renowned for their extended burning time, making them ideal for sustained fires. What does seasoned mean? Seasoned wood refers to the period from when the wood was cut and left to dry. Dry wood ignites more easily and produces less smoke, benefiting those with health conditions.

Our firewood is cut to approximately 16 inches in length, ensuring uniformity and ease of handling. Whether for indoor wood stoves or outdoor campfires, Woodchuck Tree Service provides firewood in various sizes to accommodate your requirements.

Choose from a range of firewood bundle sizes:

  1. Wheelbarrow Loads: Equivalent to an average-sized wheelbarrow, ranging from 2 to 3 cubic feet.

  2. Pick-Up Truck Loads: Based on a standard bed size, approximately 6.5 feet long.

  3. Face Cord: A stack 4 feet tall by 8 feet long.

  4. Full Cord: Typically comprised of 3 face cords.

  5. Specialty Sizes: Tailored to your specific needs. Prices vary accordingly.

Our team hand-selects the finest wood for your order and offers delivery services. If you prefer, we can even stack the wood for you, with additional charges applicable upon request.

For prompt assistance with your firewood needs, contact Woodchuck Tree Service for same-day delivery in most cases. Please note that availability and weather conditions may impact delivery times. Additionally, we stand by our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. If you're not satisfied with your firewood, our dedicated professionals will ensure to make it right.

Experience the warmth and comfort of quality firewood from Woodchuck Tree Service. Call us today to arrange your order and elevate your fire experience!

Firewood FAQs

What types of firewood do you offer?

We offer premium mixed hardwoods, primarily ash and oak, that have been seasoned for optimal burning efficiency and heat output.

How is your firewood seasoned, and why is it important?

Our firewood is seasoned for approximately one year or longer, allowing it to dry thoroughly. Seasoned wood ignites more easily, burns cleaner, and produces less smoke.

Can I request specific sizes or quantities of firewood?

Yes, we offer various bundle sizes, including wheelbarrow loads, pick-up truck loads, face cords, and full cords. Specialty sizes are available upon request.

Do you deliver firewood, and is stacking available?

Yes, we offer delivery services for your convenience. Stacking can be arranged for an additional charge upon request.

Is your firewood environmentally friendly and sustainable?

Our firewood is sourced responsibly from local sources, promoting sustainability and minimizing environmental impact.